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Pet insurance is important for any pet owner. The great news is that veterinary medicine is improving daily, providing us with new technology to keep our pets healthy and living longer. Vets can now perform MRIs and CAT scans and use innovative new drugs to treat cancer and painful conditions like Arthritis. However it’s important to note the rising cost of health care. Veterinary medicine is advancing so rapidly that pet owner’s budgets cannot keep up. Owners are often left making extremely difficult decisions regarding their pet’s health due to financial restraints. Having pet insurance can help ease the rising cost of veterinary care by helping you afford the health care your pet needs.
Pet insurance is easy. When your pet is sick or injured, simply bring them to your licensed veterinarian to receive care. You will pay the veterinarian the total cost, and then submit a claim to your insurance company along with your receipt. The insurance provider will promptly process your claim and send you reimbursement according to your pet’s plan.
The coverage of your pet’s health care will depend upon the plan that you select. Most companies will offer several plans to choose from, which offer varying levels of coverage. Most basic plans will cover veterinary services associated with accidents and illnesses, such as: blood tests, physical exams, surgery, prescription medications, X-rays, and more. If you prefer to have additional coverage, many providers will also offer bonus coverage packages like routine wellness care (for wellness exams, routine blood work, vaccinations, flea/tick control, etc.), which can be added onto any plan.
When receiving a quote for pet insurance, providers will typically base their pricing on your pet’s age, breed, and location. Most insurers are flexible and will offer a wide range of plans and custom features to meet your budget and your pet’s needs. For example, within each plan, most pet insurance companies will provide the option to adjust the deductible and reimbursement rates, which will affect your monthly payments. This way you can modify your plan to fit your monthly budget and while still meeting your coverage needs.
Yes. Unlike other types of health insurance, pet insurance companies work directly with you rather than your veterinarian. Your pet’s doctor is not involved with the claims process so you are welcome to choose your preferred licensed veterinarian. Many plans will also cover services provided by specialists and emergency care facilities.
Most traditional pet insurance companies will require a waiting period of about 2 weeks for standard claims and up to 8 months for orthopedic related claims. The exception to this is for accident only, wellness coverage and discount programs where the benefits are typically provided immediately or with a much shorter waiting period.